British in Germany

Living in Germany

When I told friends and family I was moving to Germany they only had one question:


Well a picture (or two) can paint a thousand words:-


It's not why I came, but it's certainly one of the reasons I've stayed this long. So, if you want to (or have to) come and live and work in Germany, or if you're just coming over for a visit, or for a leisurely retirement, this site is here to help you.

I have written the content over a period of time and I've tried to keep it as up to date as possible. If you find any gaps, bloomers or gaffes, please let me know.


Everything here has been written from my own personal experience: Basically the warped perspective of a Brit living here (hence the domain name), so not everything will be applicable to all nationalities, but even if you're not British I hope you'll find something useful.


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